In “Pockets of Eden” at http://www.seeingcreation.com/,  blogger Chuck Summers has a nice, not overly romanticized appreciation of an old growth forest in Kentucky, the Lilley Cornett Woods.

The songs of various birds and the rain dropping to the forest floor were the only sounds heard.  The shades of green surrounding us were too many to count.  There was not a huge variety of wildflowers visible on this particular day but there were still many beautiful specimens to behold.  It was not difficult at all to sense the presence of God in this special place.

My response in the presence of plants and trees is different but related. They seem miraculous: the magic of their growth, their Spring renewal, the “intelligence” of their equipment for gathering light, sucking up water, standing tall, attracting the desirable insects, bending with the wind. All of their attributes are the products of evolution, the grand trial-and-error method of keeping the family going. There is nothing that each plant is or does that is not the result of the automatic process over countless generations that selects what works.

People often think of survival as a bare-bones achievement, but it isn’t at all. Look at the flowers, the incredible trees. They survive, but what an accomplishment!

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