3.8 Poems: Tom Valasek’s “Pipe Dream for Earth Day”

Tom Valasek is a retired community-college professor who began writing poetry in his 70’s. His poems often concern the environment. Here he whimsically considers a chain of events that might lead the way to our coping with pollution.

Pipe Dream for Earth Day

I imagine a tanker ten time larger than Exxon Valdez
with a giant sea shovel powered by solar
that will scoop up great gobs of plastic
from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
and compress it into blocks denser than osmium
for foundations of earthquake-proof buildings
with no carbon footprint and lush rooftop gardens
that will suck all the carbon from smog over China
and close the ozone hole over the Arctic
so Norwegian scientists won’t need to worry about melanoma
and devote all their talents to hydrogen fusion
or algorithms to stunt the impact of overpopulation
and reduce our consumption of fossil-fuel products
so we can spend our free time planting more trees.

How hard can that be?



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