A Farewell

This post will be my last for the foreseeable future. The blog site itself, with the current content, will remain available as long as visitors continue to drop in. The Table of Contents serves as a guide to the themes and articles.

My grateful thanks to the readers over the years who checked in regularly and commented helpfully. You helped me keep the posts going.

In 2012 I began the blog in order to write about the relevance of biology and evolution to my personal experiences and beliefs. Prior to that, as I was retiring from teaching English, I realized that I lacked a foundation for understanding such issues as aging, dying, afterlife, struggle, consciousness, and the nature of being alive. It was not clear to me what I thought or believed about too many important things.

Exploring basic evolutionary biology has brought me much of what I had hoped for. Not that my ideas and outlooks will become static as I approach 80, but now I have a foundation for making sense of where old fears, new joys, and fleeting intuitions fit in.

But the more I’ve learned, the more difficult it has become to integrate complex knowledge with my inner life – and then to explain it all in writing. For now, the blog has done its job and I’m burned out. I may return to 38by.blog in the future, or not. It’s time to move on to other interests in the time remaining.

May all your lives – may all living things – flourish in kindness.

Brock Haussamen